Sportfischen Thara

Sport fishing Thara

Born to fish

Whether you are a beginning or an expert, old or young: in our natural pond everyone can fish without a licence (also children, accompanied by an adult). To go sport fishing you need: our daily pass, lots of patience and a bit of luck.

Gourmet tip!

Upon request, we will prepare your fresh catch in our kitchen. We will gut it and clean it and prepare it on the grill or in the oven. In addition you can also select a side dish from our menu (additional price). It is recommended to reserve a table* when purchasing the day pass.
*(Preparation of the fish: € 5.00 per fish | Kitchen hours: 12:00 – 2:00 pm)

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Petri Heil – good catch:
Rules and prices

Please make sure to read the rules that are printed on the back of each fishing pass and to observe them closely. We place great importance on the expert handling of the fish, meaning that each fish that is caught must be immediately killed after being caught by striking it on the head.

  • Day pass:
    € 20.00 (only valid on the day of issue)
  • Rental:
    Fishing pole – € 4.50 | Bait – € 1.50
  • Limit:
    maximum 4 fish
  • Bait:
    all natural and artificial bait is permitted, except for maggots
  • Fishing pole:
    only one fishing pole per pass can be used for fishing
  • Procedure:
    • every caught fish must be expertly killed and recorded on the pass
    • it is prohibited to throw caught fish back in or to gut and wash them in the pond, or to feed the fish
    • when you are done fishing, or when you have reached the limit of fish you can catch, the pass must be returned
    • fishing with a treble hook is prohibited