Bike to the lake

Directly on the cycle path in the Tauferer Ahrntal valley

On a journey of discovery …

Many paths lead to our Thara SeeLounge, including the bicycle path in the Tauferer Ahrntal. Therefore for many hiking and MTB tours we are the perfect spot for a break: for a rest, to relax, for a snack or a meal.

To and from the lake …

… biking

  • Ahr tour | the bicycle path from Bruneck to the Tauferer Ahrntal
    The bicycle route follows the bicycle path starting from Bruneck (through St. Georgen, Gais, Uttenheim) to Kematen and to us at the Thara SeeLounge (turn off to the right – sign). Afterwards you can continue to Sand in Taufers (tip: the Reinbach waterfalls) and in the Ahrntal to St. Jakob.

  • Mühlwaldertal | Discovery bicycle tour
    Well fortified, starting from our Thara SeeLounge, you can cycle in the idyllic Mühlwaldertal. Another highlight is the Meggima Lake, which invites you to linger. For the truly fit, you can continue on to the high alpine Neves artificial lake.

  • Uttenheim – Mühlbach – Percha | circular tour
    From Kematen, take the bicycle path to Uttenheim, to the left through multiple switchbacks up the steep road to Mühlbach and Tesselberg, from where you can see the Brunecker Talkessel and enjoy particularly beautiful views. From Tesselberg the route continues to Percha.
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… hiking

  • Ahrtour | a walking path along the biking route
    Taking the biking path from Bruneck, you can take a relaxed walk to Kematen, and on the way learn something about the Ahr Auen.
  • St. Walburg Chapel | A legendary place for finding energy
    On what was once a castle hill above Kematen you can find the Walburg Stöckl, that is the St. Walburg Chapel. You can hike to the Chapel directly from the SeeLounge.
    Circular tour: simply hike further to the two Hasler farms and then back towards Uttenheim or Kematen.
    Expanded circular tour: if that isn’t enough for you, can make the hike a bit longer and from the chapel can head to the Hasler farms, then further to Egelsbachhof, and from there go down to Uttenheim and then back to the starting point.
  • Reinbach Waterfalls | An imposing force of nature
    From Thara, the Reinbach waterfalls are only a stone’s throw away, which can be reached and admired from the “sun trail” of St. Francis. A refreshing experience! There is a FlyLine at the highest of the three waterfalls, with which you can swing through the woods.
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